CROSSWATERS is an independent trading company focused on customized lubrication solutions for the global shipping industry. Apart from marine lubricants, we also offer lube oil distribution, lubricants monitoring and consulting, making us an all-round service provider in our field.

Based on long-term relationships with our international partners, we provide our clients with reliable and professional results in terms of product quality, service and coverage. Our dedicated team is available around the clock to assist our clients with their requirements.


Over nearly 20 years, we have gathered expertise in the marine lubricants industry and built an extensive supplier network to offer our clients the best possible global coverage. We are at home in the international market and familiar with local conditions almost anywhere.

CROSSWATERS can handle regular requirements as well as tackle the most challenging supplies. Our ever-growing network covers virtually any port worldwide, making us specialists not only at key ports but also when it comes to providing prompt assistance with unpredictable fleet needs - even in remote areas.

Our large network and independent set-up allow us to focus on the specific requirements of our customers and to search and find exactly what they need. If you are looking for special delivery methods, products or packaging, CROSSWATERS is the right supplier for you. Please get in touch!


We are committed to always act fast but with caution. At CROSSWATERS, we have a strict supplier selection process and buy from oil majors, official distributors and high-quality producers only. Our focus on quality is an important basis for the long-term relationships with our business partners that we aspire to.

CROSSWATERS can provide full technical support for the lubrication of your fleet. Based on two decades of market experience, we ensure that our clients always receive products that are suitable for the intended application and that will safeguard the performance levels of their machinery.

We also offer lube oil monitoring and analyses, and are able to prepare lubrication charts for your vessels in cooperation with various manufacturers. For more information on lubricants analyses at our independent ISO certified partner laboratories, please consult our LUBCARE™ section.


CROSSWATERS is committed to best value for money and transparency. Whether on a spot or contractual basis: Our customers profit from attractive price levels that we are able to negotiate with many physical suppliers based on our volumes – without any “hidden costs”.


Lubricants being our core business, we can provide almost any major, regional or local brand across the full range of marine and industrial applications. Here are some examples of the lubricants types we can offer:

  • Main engine oils for marine: cylinder, system, trunk piston engine and diesel generator oils
  • Auxiliary lubricants for marine: hydraulic and gear oils, refrigeration and compressor oils, turbine and transmission lubricants, heat transfer oils
  • Greases
  • Synthetic oils
  • Biodegradable lubricants (EAL) for stern tube, gearboxes, hydraulic circuits, wire ropes